Monday, June 5, 2017

Grade 2 Week 35

The Saga of Captain Underpants continues...
April 21 Week 35-001
as well as that of Mercy Watson.
April 21 Week 351-001
Grumpy Cat kept you entertained for hours..
April 21 Week 352-001
as well as the Star Wars book we borrowed.
April 21 Week 353-001
Also, the whole "Jaxon was here" messages continued to appear all over....
April 21 Week 354-001
It is also a treat whenever you get to spend a few minutes with Mary :)
April 21 Week 355-001
and hey, we lost a tooth this week!
April 21 Week 356-001
It was the Easter weekend, and you got to go out to the front of the congregation with the other children and receive your Jelly Bean Prayer
April 21 Week 357-001
When we got home, we set off on decorating a few eggs of our own.
April 21 Week 358-001
We had quite a diversified bunch there, I have to say.
April 21 Week 359-001
I also got out my old mannequin, and you had fun photographing it in various positions.
April 21 Week 3510-001
and speaking of bringing out of old stuff, I took out the water-spouting seal of yore, and tried hooking it up.
April 21 Week 3511-001
We had fun for a bit, but it bit the dust due to some under-engineered manufacturing.
April 21 Week 3512-001
But not before we had a bunch of fun with it :)
April 21 Week 3513-001
Also, it was Maddie's birthday, and we brought some gifts over, and you guys had quite the time 
April 21 Week 3514-001
April 21 Week 3515-001

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