Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I gotta get out the tape measure

or is it "measuring tape" ?

ANYWAY, last week you were super ravenous all the time, which prompted me to think you were going through some sort of growth spurt.

I mean, you would be hungry not very long after every meal, and it wasn't greediness or gluttony.  It was just pure and simple hunger.

That has slowed down somewhat this week. 

Also, we were at Max's birthday party ( more on that post in Mom's blog in a bit ), and you were taller than any of the kids there, even the 10 year old.  When you guys were growing up, ( Max is 6 months older ), Max would always be a smidgen taller.  Nowadays though, it is quite obvious that you have caught up and is now taller than Max.


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