Saturday, May 30, 2015

Boredom Buster

Usually you and Qi come over to our room after Bible Class, and you would request the different colors of Dry Erase Markers to draw on the wall with.

On this day, however, you decided that you would scale great heights and camp out.
 photo IMG_20150508_101514_123_zpsjmyuk8dz.jpg
 photo IMG_20150508_101957_683_zps6v0gfrct.jpg

May the 4th Be With You

We had our own version of Star Wars Day earlier in the month, doing some Star Wars themed school work.....
 photo P5054370_zps2ws13mnj.jpg
You are getting better and better at spelling and descriptive writing :)
 photo DSC_0666_zpss0haxmoc.jpg
 photo DSC_0663_zps59galusp.jpg
 photo DSC_0660_zpsek9eofbt.jpg
Your Math and deductive skills are also improving...
 photo DSC_0661_zps82jcq5wy.jpg
and we have been working on handwriting as well
 photo DSC_0671_zpsiurds4k7.jpg
All in all, you are such a diligent little boy, and really want to do well, and are always so eager to learn :) We are truly blessed.
 photo o-matic_zps178ub55y.jpg

Friday, May 29, 2015

Popular Culture at the Library

Okay, so I made you take a photo in front of Tardis
 photo a8285459-04fb-4b80-92c8-ce7d9bbe6ce0_zps4ljkahqy.jpg
but you made me take a  photo of you with Creeper.
 photo minecraft_zpsbz9ovkmr.jpg
p/s: For the last couple of weeks or so, you have been very into Minecraft, creating and  building your own landscapes and buildings, and watching Stampylongnose for inspiration. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hugs are the best Therapy

All these different "good parenting" sources always tell you things you SHOULD or should NOT tell your child, and they often agree that a child needs to be told that he/she is loved every day, and that they are precious etc etc.

Well, a lot of times, I find myself on the receiving end of this wonderfulness.  Every morning you are so delighted to see me, and give me the best hugs all day long.  When those little arms stop hugging me tightly around the neck every day, I don't know what I'll do..

AND you are soooo encouraging.  I mean, just 2 days ago,  we had chili dogs and baked fries for dinner, and you were going, "YUMMMMM, These are the BEST French Fries I have ever had, mommy!!!".

And when we play soccer in the yard, you always tell me, "Good shot!" or "Great Kick!", or something similarly uplifting.

What a blessing you are :)

Continue to be sweet and kind, little boy.  You truly are precious.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Self Help

This was taken back in mid-April, a few days after your hair cut.

I was cooking in the kitchen and you told me that you had also cut off some of your hair.

Apparently I hadn't trimmed your bangs enough, and they were messing with you, and so you took it upon yourself to make some minor improvements.
 photo P4164138-001_zps918owyal.jpg
I looked around the room, and asked where the hair was, as I couldn't see anything on the floor, and you directed me to the trash can. Well, THANK GOODNESS I had kept it long then, and not much damage was done.
 photo P4164129-001_zpsxyr5kmp1.jpg 
Regardless, you still looked totally handsome :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Don't Let the Penguin Finish This Activity Book

You are still very much into the activity book that you received for Christmas, and often ask me to do a couple of activities with you, before you go to bed.

I love how the whole book is like a story, and all the activities help the story go along. 
 photo P4154128_zpslykw8vfe.jpg
This particular activity was to make a sandwich board sign to advertise the Pigeon's upcoming puppet show. :)
 photo P4154125_zpssqs3jy9x.jpg  
 Right now we are about halfway through the activity book  - yes, it is QUITE thick.  Maybe we'll be done by next Christmas? I really hope they come up with a sequel!

Rister Park

I can't believe it has been almost 2 years to the day since we were by Rister Park.  The only reason why we were there THIS time was because we were coming home by that route after the Air Show.
 photo P5024360_zpsifeso4ox.jpg
You are 2 years older, wiser, braver, nimbler and much stronger.
 photo P5024363_zps6vjbdqy4.jpg
You revisited the different playground equipment, 
 photo P5024367_zpsmskzue0j.jpg
but when you tried to get on the bouncy plane thingy, you voiced your doubts if it was safe enough.
  photo P5024366_zpshlehkabl.jpg
You decided it was waaaaaaaaay too wobbly and "unstable" for any safe riding. :)
  photo P5024365_zps4urxa2nd.jpg
I love you little boy.  I know we don't bring you to playgrounds nearly enough and we will try to be more diligent about it - even if it is just to watch Daddy try some moves :)
 photo P5024368_zps1lsey4zg.jpg

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Miss Rumphius

One of the FIAR books we did recently, in conjunction with learning about plants, was Miss Rumphius.
We did some vocabulary cards and you drew the meaning of the words on colorful paper
 photo 8d2cef77-5d1d-428c-aefb-d6a993c8951c_zpsabv2bh4a.jpg
 photo P4063785_zpszxypol25.jpg
We also did art, using mixed media, and of course, our fingers!
 photo IMG_20150407_110939_853_zps4o0yjjuz.jpg
We talked about visiting Faraway Places like Miss Rumphius did, and colored a Mother of Pearl shell, just like the one we have.
 photo P4093791_zpsjr2lr0qd.jpg
 photo P4093790_zpsqt715dpd.jpg
 photo P4093794_zpssqwg6ghy.jpg
We didn't have any lupine seeds, but we looked at pictures of them, and planted some other kinds of seeds.  
 photo P4144057-001_zpsuuo5nfng.jpg
We were also learning about Earth Day and conservation/reuse/reduce/recycle, and so we decided to use some old egg cartons and leftover plastic Easter eggs as starter planters.
 photo P4144058-001_zpsktaoaoeu.jpg
 photo P4144063-001_zps3j8nflo1.jpg
 photo P4144066-001_zpshoukwqbb.jpg
 photo P4144098-001_zpsbkjlfwkv.jpg
 photo P4144100-001_zpsdpdlxubs.jpg
And then, a couple of weeks later, they got big enough to transplant!
 photo April 25 Transplanting Long Beans_zpse1zvlhvh.jpg
 photo April 25 Transplanting Long Beans1_zpspreluooq.jpg
 photo April 25 Transplanting Long Beans2_zpsadzvp4il.jpg
 photo April 25 Transplanting Long Beans3_zpsgu1etdqr.jpg
 photo April 25 Transplanting Long Beans4_zpsmiyib1h1.jpg
We'll keep you updated on their progress!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Party at the Gymnasium

Azmari, who is 4 weeks younger than you are, had his birthday last weekend.  Ira and the mom of a couple of other kids had come together and rented a local gymnasium for a joint birthday party celebration.
 photo 1_zpsvyrngbub.jpg
It was pretty crazy, what with kids going in all directions,
 photo 6_zpsnnufwxrw.jpg
getting on all the different gymnasium equipment.
 photo 2_zpsgpcvyvfw.jpg
They had several ladies supervising the various areas, and it was quite the experience, for sure.
 photo 3_zpsqwrpb8xn.jpg
You loved the balance beams and the "jumping into a pit of foam cubes" thingies.
 photo 4_zps3ak5gn7x.jpg
 photo 5_zps2vdqbbvp.jpg
Max and Jet and the twins, as well as Mamo and Uncle Jim were there too..
 photo 7_zpswcosuqmr.jpg
At the end, you were so tired out from all the romping, but you didn't want to leave either :)